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Altitube Steel is a steel tube supplier that specializes in maintaining extensive inventories of a wide variety of steel products in numerous sizes, shapes, and grades. They provide various types of steel pipes, which are crucial components in multiple industries such as construction and oil and gas.

Altitube Steel Trusted Distributors of Steel Pipes And Tubing

Altitube Steel provides 20+ years of experience supplying Steel Pipes And Tubes  to companies in eastern Canada and north of the United States.

  • High-Quality Pipe Tubes : Steel tubes and pipes are stocked inside our 70000 sq.ft. warehouse. We supply round, square and rectangular steel tube in standard lengths : 24′ 40′ 48′ and 60 ‘.

  • Just-in-Time Shipping : Receive the right materials at the right time while eliminating unnecessary inventory costs and optimizing the use of storage space.

  • Inventory management : Optimize your resource allocation with our inventory services, minimizing excess stock and associated costs.

  • Precision cutting : Reduced waste from our highly accurate precision cutting services that delivers tubes and pipes that match your exact specifications.

  • Non-standard lengths : As a specialized tube distributor, we also stock many non-standard lengths, which allows our customers to minimize their waste.

Available pipes and tubes

Altitube Steel offers a comprehensive range of grades of pipes and tubes to meet the diverse needs and specifications of our customers.

Hollow Structural Sections (HSS)

Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) are manufactured hollow steel sections, typically of circular, rectangular, or square cross-sections. They are known for their high strength-to-weight ratio and are used extensively in construction, infrastructure projects, and industrial applications.

Circular Hollow Sections (CHS)

Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) are a type of HSS with a hollow circular cross-section. They are commonly used in various structural applications including fencing, handrails, and guardrails due to their excellent resistance to torsion and uniform geometry.

Specialized Tubes and Pipes

Altitube Steel stocks specialized tubes and pipes, including galvanized tubes and pipes, water well casing, high yield HSS and other customized solutions tailored to specific industrial needs. These specialized products ensure we can meet unique project requirements and provide solutions for various challenging

Tested Pipe

We maintain a large inventory of tested pipe, available in lacquered, galvanized, or bare finishes. These pipes are rigorously tested to meet industry standards, ensuring reliability and safety for critical applications. We offer ASTM A795, ASTM A53, and ASTM A106  specifications.

Reliable Delivery Services in eastern Canada and North of United-States

Altitube Steel utilize platform-type trailers (flatbeds) for most deliveries and offer curtain trucks for additional protection when requested by customers. For added convenience, we also provide on-site delivery with boom trucks, a service highly regarded by our customers and distributors.
Our experienced delivery team strives to meet your needs with prompt and professional service, whether you’re receiving your order at your warehouse or having it delivered directly to your job site. By offering a range of delivery options, we can tailor our services to best suit your requirements.

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