Commonly used for
Ventilation system
Pulp and Paper
Industrial Manufacturing
Fire Protection


ASTM – A106 is the standard specification for seamless tested pipe. ASTM – A106 is manufactured to meet high pressure and high-temperature applications. An hydro-test is then performed to ensure its durability and functionality.


Available Dimensions

  • ASTM – A106 tubing is available from 1/8″ nominal diameter up to 30″ nominal diameter.
  • These diameters are offered with different schedule (Sch 5 up to Sch 160) which refers to the wall thickness.


Grade A Grade BGrade C
Yield strength30 000 PSI35 000 PSI 40 000 PSI
Tensile strength48 000 PSI60 000 PSI70 000 PSI
Thickness tolerance-12.5%-12.5%-12.5%

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