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Altitube Steel provides a large inventory of galvanized steel tubes. Because of their anti-corrosive properties, galvanized steel tubes are ideal for projects where the finished product is used outdoors. There are two types of galvanization:

  • Hot Dip Galvanization
    Affordable and can be applied to all steel pipes dimensions. 
  • Continuous Galvanization
    Provides a very fine finish on thin-walled tubes of round, square, and rectangular dimensions

Available Dimensions

  • Round tubes with outside diameters from
    0.840 ” to 20 ”
  • Square tubes with external dimensions from
    0.500 ” x 0.500 ” to 22 ” x 22 ”
  • Rectangular Tubes with external dimensions from
    1.5 ” x 0.75 ” to 24 ” x 12 ”
  • Available thicknesses ranging from
    0.049 ” to 0.750 ” depending on size require
  • Contact our team for any specific request.


Method Thickness available
Hot Dip Galvanization Once treated, the steel tubes are immersed in a zinc pond to create a metallurgical bond between steel and zinc. This process creates a strong anticorrosive resistance. 0.100'' wall and more
Continuous GalvanizationBefore it’s transformed into tubes, the steel coil is coated with a thin layer of zinc or aluminum. The standard grade for continuous galvanizing is ASTM-787. 0.095 '' wall or less

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