Structural Steel Square Tube

Structural Steel square tubes are available in different grades and specifications such as ASTM A500 gr B/C, CSA G40.21 350W CLASS C, ASTM A1085 and are tailored for diverse industrial and mechanical, and construction used. Structural steel tubing are crafted from flat-rolled steel, shaped through a roller system, and welded with electric-resistance welding.


Key Advantages of Square Tubes

Square tubes offers numerous advantages for construction of buildings or mechanical and industrial projects.

  • Increased Strength : The welding process significantly boosts the strength of our steel tubing, making it suitable for heavy-duty structural applications.

  • Enhanced Durability : Our steel tubing is built to last, capable of withstanding harsh conditions without compromising its structural integrity.

  • Versatility : The tubing is easily weldable, formable, punchable, and drillable, making it ideal for a wide range of customization and fabrication needs.

  • Corrosion Resistance : Engineered to resist corrosion, our steel tubing maintains its functionality and appearance over time.


Altitube Steel Trusted Supplier of Structural Steel Tubes and Pipes

Altitube Steel provides 20+ years of experience supplying top grade structural steel square tube materials to companies and industries across Canada and the United States.

  • High-Quality Tubes And Pipes :  Inventory is stocked inside our 70000 sq.ft. warehouse. We supply round, square and rectangular steel tube in standard lengths : 24′ 40′ 48′ and 60 ‘.

  • Just-in-Time Shipping :  Receive the right materials at the right time while eliminating unnecessary inventory costs and optimizing the use of storage space.

  • Inventory management : Optimize your resource allocation with our inventory services, minimizing excess stock and associated costs.

  • Precision cutting : Reduced waste from our highly accurate precision cutting services that delivers tubes and pipes that match your exact specifications.

  • Non-standard lengths :  As a specialized tube distributor, we also stock many non-standard lengths, which allows our customers to minimize their waste.


Properties of Square Tubes

Altitube Steel, we prioritize the strength and durability of our structural steel square tubes. Crafted from high-grade steel, our tubes are engineered to withstand significant stress and strain without deformation. They exhibit exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear, ensuring prolonged service life even in challenging conditions.


Altitube Steel’s square tubes are engineered to support substantial loads, making them ideal as material for heavy-duty construction and architectural projects. They meet rigorous industry standards for strength, ensuring reliable performance under demanding conditions as ASTM A500 gr C, CSA G40.21 50W and ASTM A1085..


Our square tubes are crafted from high-grade steel to resist deformation, corrosion, and mechanical wear, even under harsh conditions. These qualities ensure a prolonged service life, making our tubes a durable choice for various challenging applications.

Environmental Resilience

Altitube Steel’s structural carbon steel and square tubes are built to withstand adverse environmental conditions. These carbon steel tubes are both corrosion-resistant and durable, ensuring they retain their strength and structural integrity even when exposed to moisture, air and other environmental factors.moisture, air and other environmental factors.


Characteristics of Structural Tubing

Altitube Steel provides comprehensive technical data on the weight, size, and load capacities of our structural steel square tubes, empowering engineers, architects, and construction professionals to make informed decisions.

Weight Per Foot

Understanding the weight and length per foot of structural steel square tubes is essential for determining their suitability for various applications. See our square tubing and corresponding rectangular weight per foot chart.

Sizes specifications

Altitude Steel maintains a vast inventory of Structural Steel Square Tubes, ranging from 1.00” x 1.00” to 14” x 14”. We can also provide larger sizes, such as 22” x 22”, upon request. Our steel tubing is valued for its potential to accommodate longer lengths, with standard options including 24′, 40′, 48′, and 60′. As a specialized tube distributor, we also offer many non-standard lengths, helping our customers reduce waste and enhance productivity.

Whether you require smaller dimensions for intricate designs or larger sizes for heavy-duty applications, Altitube Steel has the right size and cut of side tubing solution for you.


Applications of Structural Steel Square Tube

Structural steel square tubes play a vital role in architecture  and construction  projects, offering versatility, high strength, and reliability. Utilized increasingly in building construction, infrastructure, and industrial machinery, these tubes are notable for their high strength-to-weight ratio  and compliance with industry standards, showcasing their importance in modern construction practices.

Altitube Steel provides a wide range of structural steel tubes that find applications in various architectural and construction projects. Whether the tube is a structural tubing for building frames, bridges, or industrial machinery, our square tubes and structural steel tubing, are designed to meet the demanding needs of modern construction.

Construction applications

Structural steel tubes supply by Altitube Steel are extensively used in construction for their superior strength and durability. They provide robust solutions for a wide range of construction applications, ensuring the structural integrity and safety of buildings and infrastructure. Notable uses include building columns and beams and support structures. Structural steel square tube also offers

  • Superior Structural Support :  Robust support essential for construction safety and longevity.

  • Customizable Dimensions : Tailored to architects’ and engineers’ needs, available in various sizes for diverse projects.

  • Reliable Performance : Strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant, ensuring efficiency and success in your projects.

Architectural uses

Architects often choose structural steel square tubes  for their aesthetic appeal high strength and structural versatility. Altitube Steel offers steel tubing in various sizes and shapes, enabling innovative and stable designs. Key architectural applications for structural steel tubing include:

  • Decorative elements :  Used for railings, grilles, and art installations to add a modern, industrial touch.

  • Facades : Enhances building facades with distinctive geometric patterns while improving structural integrity.

  • Structural supports : Essential for providing necessary support, ensuring even weight distribution and increased durability

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